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Alfa Romeo Chief Executive Initiates Changes In The Market Of Giulia EV With Three Different Packages For 2025

Enthusiasts of Alfa Romeo could potentially experience a significant transformation in the near future. As most automobile manufacturers approach their respective plans for electrification, traditional power sources will no longer be utilized.

This implies that vehicles that still rely on gasoline may become highly desirable among collectors. Reports suggest that the imminent Giulia EV series will be tailored to suit various preferences.

It is highly probable that the chosen platform will be the versatile STLA Large from Stellantis Group. This platform supports a wide array of battery and motor configurations, enabling a range of up to 500 miles on a single charge.

While nothing is definitive at this stage, the Italian automaker suggests the availability of three different versions with notable enhancements as one progresses up the hierarchy.

The base model is reportedly capable of generating 350 horsepower, whereas the Veloce variant increases it to 800 horses.

At the pinnacle is the Giulia Quadrifoglio, projected to achieve approximately 1,000 horsepower or possibly more. With around two years left before the official debut, these figures remain subject to alteration.

At the same time, fellow brand Maserati is also crafting a luxury EV focused on high performance – the Granturismo Folgore. Speculations arise that Alfa Romeo might adopt a similar three-motor configuration.

One motor would be allocated to the front axle, while the other two would be positioned on each rear wheel. It is conceivable that torque vectoring might also be included.

Given the significant concern consumers have about charging times, Alfa Romeo recognizes the necessity of addressing this issue.

The Giulia EV will be equipped with an 800V system that enables rapid recharging of the batteries. It appears that the manufacturer has additional eco-conscious models in the pipeline, albeit without disclosing specific details at this juncture.

Image Source: Maurizio Fabbroni / Shutterstock

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