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Automotive Industry Insiders Hint At Nissan’s Plans For An All-Electric Pickup Truck

Image Source: auto123_com @ Shutterstock

Nissan may need to enhance its commitment to eco-friendly vehicles in order to keep up with the competition. Not only have its main competitors outpaced them with consistent updates and new models, but even startups have made significant progress in the race for dominance.

Rumors suggest that an all-electric pickup truck could change the game.

While Tesla’s Cybertruck stands out, many see it more as a novelty than a serious work vehicle. Ford’s F-150 Lightning has received a warm reception, and other competitors like the upcoming RAM 1500 Revolution and GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 are gaining momentum.

It remains unclear whether the Japanese company will electrify an existing platform or introduce a new one. While there is a desire to see a battery-electric version of their Frontier series, the word is that the company plans to first develop a mid-size pickup truck.

It appears that they intend to release a lightweight version before diving into a full-size powerhouse. Some have already speculated about potential bases and features. In 2021, Nissan revealed four EV concepts, one of which was the trendy Surf-out.

However, according to sources, the electric pickup truck is likely to have a double cab configuration. The addition of second-row seats would certainly make it more appealing in certain markets.

Unfortunately, its release may be further away as Nissan intends to continue producing the standard Frontier beyond 2029. Nonetheless, most automotive experts agree that the company needs to take action now or risk missing out on a significant portion of the EV market.

Image Source: auto123_com @ Shutterstock

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