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Casa Lohr Arises From an Abandoned 19th-Century Colonial Residence in the Historical District of Mérida

Emerging from a neglected 19th-century colonial dwelling in the historic heart of Mérida, Mexico, Casa Lohr has been revitalized by 20Diezz Arquitectos. The decaying stone edifice has been meticulously restored, preserving its historical allure by maintaining the remnants of its past within.

The focal point of the residence is a remnant of an ancient stonework wall that now shapes the essence of the house.

Within the interior, a palette of natural and neutral hues, along with organic textures, imbues the abode with an eternal and enigmatic appeal.

Characterized by lofty ceilings and graceful arches, the original spaces now accommodate the main entrance, dining and cooking areas, secondary sleeping quarters, and an airy living zone.

Over time, former transitional zones evolved into sleeping chambers, with a new extension towards the back creating a master suite where a courtyard once stood. Central to Casa Lohr is the kitchen, acting as a nexus that links all other domains.

Connecting to a covered outdoor terrace with vestiges of an ancient stone wall, the kitchen area flows into a zone housing a swimming pool and a spa.

Furthermore, Casa Lohr embraces locally sourced materials like custom-designed pasta tiles for the interiors.

Eco-conscious and artisanal furnishings, crafted from reclaimed timber treated with natural oils, enhance the living spaces. The untreated walls gracefully age, adding to the residence’s allure.

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Located within walking distance of “Plaza Grande” and “Parque de San Juan,” Casa Lohr offers a 1000 sqft – 3000 sqft Airbnb property. The residence is equipped with contemporary amenities such as a Netflix-equipped HDTV, Wi-Fi, and an electric cooker, among others.

Image Credit: Men’s Gear

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