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Comedian Kevin Hart Opens Healthy Plant Based Food Outlet In South Carolina

Image Source: DFree / Shutterstock

The USDA reports that Americans consume 50 billion burgers annually. Comedian, actor, and now restauranteur Kevin Hart opts for a more nutritious flexitarian diet. Observing the absence of plant-based fast food choices in Southern California, he collaborated with a group of specialists to establish a plant-forward fast-casual dining experience offering healthier burgers, sandwiches, fries, tater tots, sodas, and shakes.

Named after Kevin’s surname and his commitment to a healthier lifestyle, Hart House is symbolized by a heart shape with the letter ‘H’ adjacent to it. His objective is to positively influence people and the environment, aiming to introduce “Plant-Based to the People.”

Following the debut of his inaugural Hart House in Westchester near LAX in 2022, the team expanded to Monrovia. Subsequently, they unveiled a third branch at the heart of Hollywood, situated on Sunset Blvd. and Highland Ave. Positioned across from the renowned Hollywood High School and a Chick-fil-A, this locale features a drive-thru for a convenient and healthier dining experience on-the-go.

A recent study indicates that if individuals in the Los Angeles metropolitan district consumed one plant-based alternative burger weekly, it would lead to the conservation of a substantial amount of greenhouse gases, equivalent to 3 billion miles driven in a car, and up to 7.5 billion passenger miles on a plane. These statistics underscore the significant impact of seemingly minor decisions, like meal choices.

In honor of Earth Day, Hart House introduced a community Inner-City Arts initiative aimed at educating the wider Los Angeles populace about the potential advantages of a plant-based diet on the environment. Three graduates of the Inner City Art’s Work of Art college prep program crafted digital artworks printed on canvases now on display at various Hart House locations.

Guests visiting Hart House will enjoy upbeat music playing in the background. A QR code accessible near the organic soda dispenser enables diners to download Kevin Hart’s Spotify playlist on their personal devices.

As per Marcus Byrd, the Brand and Marketing Director at Hart House, the sandwiches at Hart House include two distinct plant-based patties. Byrd mentioned, ‘These patties are neither Beyond Meat nor Impossible; they are newly developed in Canada and Brazil.’

One of the most popular menu items is the Double Burg’r, comprising two delectable plant-based patties, fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes, grilled onions, and a dollop of Hart House Signature Sauce.

During the summer season, the ‘Summer Lovin’ combo special offers a barbecue sandwich, crispy nuggets, and lemonade.

Notable sides comprise fries, tater tots, or a small kale salad. Byrd mentioned, ‘For guests desiring a combo of fries and tots, they can order ‘Frots’ accompanied by one of our signature sauces.’

In addition to organic juice beverages and sodas, Hart House serves dairy-free shakes. Byrd highlighted, ‘Our Oreo shake is exceptionally popular.’

To commemorate the inauguration of the third Hart House branch on May 23, 2023, Kevin Hart and his team collaborated with the Assistance League of Los Angeles, contributing 10% of the opening day proceeds to this commendable community partner.

Motivated by the revelation that one in four children in Los Angeles resides below the poverty line, they selected this notable organization to make a meaningful difference.

The Assistance League of Los Angeles endeavors to positively impact the lives of LA youth by providing essential services and fostering enriching community programs. Their mission is to uplift children and support them in reaching their full potential as they progress towards adulthood.

Hart House aspires to transform eating habits by offering choices that can foster a positive and wholesome impact on individuals, communities, and the world.

Image Source: DFree / Shutterstock

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