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Conversation With ArchitectRoaa Founder Roaa Andijani

The Jeddah-based Architect and Design firm ArchitectRoaa was established in 2017 by Roaa Andijani and has built a strong reputation for exceptional interior design across various residential and commercial projects in Saudi Arabia. The company was honored with the esteemed Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Penthouse Interior Design 2022 for their work on the Golden Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Let’s dive into an insightful dialogue with Founder Roaa Andijani about the guiding principles of the company, their client-centric approach, the project’s challenges, and their future endeavors.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards: In 2017, you initiated ArchitectRoaa. Could you elaborate on the ethos and methodology guiding your projects to ensure optimal outcomes?

Roaa Andijani: Our core belief is to bring exclusive luxury, sophistication, and minimalistic interior design to the spaces we engage with. Our primary objective is to cater to the unique needs of our clients through our design aesthetic. We are extremely pleased with the outcomes we have achieved thus far with our projects and clients, and we aim to broaden our reach and undertake more projects globally.

LLA: How has the company evolved since its inception?

RA: Our aspiration is to establish ourselves as a globally acclaimed interior design entity. Through unwavering dedication and zeal, we have managed to cultivate an impressive standing in the industry.

LLA: Have your growth and achievements aligned with your initial expectations and forecast?

RA: Undoubtedly, they have. We have a well-defined strategy and consistently strive towards its realization.

LLA: ArchitectRoaa offers a comprehensive suite of services that collectively cater to your clientele. How do the various teams collaborate to ensure a seamless workflow?

RA: Our focus lies in alleviating stress within our team members, given the demanding nature of interior design and architecture. We ensure efficient project management through meticulous time scheduling and organizational prowess.

LLA: Upholding superior customer service is paramount. How do you ensure that clients consistently receive top-notch service?

RA: Our mantra is, “Clients are entitled to their opinions, but we advocate for our expertise.” We go the extra mile to provide meticulous care to our clients and deliver every aspect of their project to the highest standards.

LLA: This year, you clinched the accolade for Best Luxury Penthouse Design for the Golden Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. What does it signify to have a distinguished design recognized in such a manner?

RA: It is a gratifying acknowledgment. Attaining global and international recognition is a pursuit I hold in high regard.

LLA: Could you offer insights into the Golden Tower?

The luxe design project had to be swiftly completed to coincide with the Formula 1 race in Jeddah.

LLA: The endeavor faced its share of challenges. What obstacles did you encounter and how were they surmounted during the project’s execution?

RA: The project posed significant challenges due to the tight deadline set by the client. With the Grand Prix making its debut in Saudi Arabia, the client aimed to relish the race from a vantage point on the balcony, overlooking the circuit and the picturesque beach. Given these circumstances, the design concept was kept elegant and straightforward, with the apartment’s focal point being its breathtaking view.

Navigating the involvement of the client’s sponsor rather than the client and managing time amidst orders from various luxury brands proved demanding. Despite encountering stress along the way, we successfully attained our objectives. The project’s completion instilled confidence in our achievement and satisfaction with our remarkable work.

LLA: How did you craft a space that impeccably catered to all the client’s needs and desires?

RA: Through attentive listening to our clients, we meticulously delineated their requirements. Extensive research was conducted to ensure optimal fulfillment of these needs. The residence was fashioned using carefully selected lavish materials such as wood, marble, steel, and gold accents, exuding a chic and natural ambiance. Each area served a distinct purpose, with furniture sourced from premium brands to match the owner’s discerning taste and expectations, epitomizing contemporary bespoke design.

LLA: Over the years, the company has executed a diverse array of residential and commercial projects. Are there specific instances where you tackled notable challenges and triumphed over them that stand out to you?

RA: We relish challenging assignments as they afford us invaluable experience and assist us in weaving our exceptional and triumphant narrative through each project. Leaving a lasting impact on every undertaking is a principle we uphold, never hesitating to decline projects that may not align with our ethos. We take pride in investing more into our work than what we receive.

LLA: What current projects are in progress, and when can we anticipate their completion?

RA: We are currently engrossed in numerous projects, both residential and commercial. We aim to conclude as many of them as possible by year-end to embark on fresh ventures in the forthcoming year.

LLA: What prevailing design and architectural trends are you noticing in the industry?

RA: The design and architecture realm witnesses a myriad of evolving trends. Our counsel to clients often centers on selecting elements they resonate with, considering they will inhabit the space long-term. Guiding them towards judicious choices in color schemes, furnishings, and finishing touches ensures a cohesive and personalized outcome.

LLA: What aspirations does the company harbor for the future? Can we anticipate global expansion on the horizon?

RA: Indeed, international expansion is our objective. We endeavor for our brand to resonate worldwide, garnering a global reputation.

Image Source: Luxury Lifestyle Awards

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