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Discover Enchantment: Experience The Magic Of The Fairy House In London

Image Source: Londonist

When it comes to my two young daughters, they have always shown a preference for “girly” things – mermaids, princesses, and fairies. So when I heard about The Fairy House from friends who had attended their Fairy Training session and raved about it, I knew it would be the perfect place to nurture their fascination with fairies. I decided to book a Summer Fairy Training session for my fairy-obsessed little girls.

The Fairy House is located near Northcote Road in Clapham. We arrived one summer evening, the girls filled with excitement to meet a “real fairy”. They held onto their beautifully illustrated invitation from Fairy Katie, personally addressed to them, which had added to their anticipation. We arrived a little early so we could explore the enchanting Fairy Garden before our appointment. The attention to detail in the decorations amazed us. There was a postbox for “Fairy Mail” adorned with roses, window boxes and plant pots filled with flowers, a swinging chair covered in roses, a wishing well, and a signpost pointing to various whimsical directions. As the peony pink door opened, we were greeted by Fairy Katie – a ethereal creature in damask rose, flowers, and gossamer wings. Both my daughters and I were captivated.

Fairy Katie led us to her sitting room, which was filled with delightful quirks such as a rainbow-keyed piano, a talking wardrobe inspired by Beauty and the Beast, a cuckoo clock named Lawrence, and twinkling fairy lights. Fairy Katie explained that she had grown to human size for their special visit, but she is normally the size of a fingernail. The attention to detail, like the invitation with the girls’ names on the mantelpiece, was amazing.

Fairy Katie told the girls they would be taking part in fairy training, and they would need wings and wands. The girls were overjoyed to receive rainbow-colored wings and engraved wands. We then walked through a corridor decorated with “human” things and a butterfly wall to reach the Fairy Kitchen. The kitchen had a fairy post office and the Fairy Den. Refreshments were provided for the trainee fairies and their “Friendly Giant” – mermaid water and fairy tea. The girls listened to Fairy Katie tell a magical story and then worked on making a dream potion, combining all sorts of gloop and glitter.

We then went down to the basement, called the Rabbit Hole, where Fairy Katie had hidden dream crystals for the girls to find. The girls were thrilled to embark on their quest. After that, there was fairy dancing, arts and crafts where they made dreamcatchers, and a game where they caught their dream power using fishing nets. The highlight of the experience was when the girls gathered in the Dream Den, decorated with dreamcatchers, and made their wishes. Finally, we returned to the Fairy Kitchen to receive their Summer Fairy Training certificates. As a final surprise, Fairy Katie presented each girl with a replica model of the Fairy House and a special iced fairy biscuit.

I couldn’t say who enjoyed the Fairy House experience more – me or my daughters. Both of them are already asking to return and have their next birthday parties there. The Fairy House also offers a Birthday Visit experience, complete with homemade invitations and Fairy House gift bags. Each season, the Fairy Training changes with different activities, so there’s always a new reason to go back. For more information and to book your fairy experience, visit

Image Source: Londonist

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