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Discover Paris This Fall: The City Of Illumination And Romance

Image Source: Catarina Belova / Shutterstock

Paris, France. The primary city of France is famously known as “The City of Illumination” but also “The City of Affection” because of the enchanting ambiance it radiates. A global center for fashion and a world leader in its exceptional cuisine, the urban area includes 20 distinct districts with popular sites for tourists like the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame cathedral, and the Eiffel tower.

There exists an ongoing list of places for dining, savoring, shopping, and exploring which has picked up speed after the downturn lasting two years that was caused by the coronavirus outbreak. France was the most frequented country worldwide in 2019 and Tourism Minister Olivia Gregoire is enthusiastic about early data that indicates the summer of 2022 is getting closer to that level again. Generating more than two million employment opportunities and contributing to 8 percent of France’s overall GDP, France’s tourism sector is ready for a significant revival.

Because of the weakened Euro, a surge of American tourists are rejoicing over the city reopening its borders and easing pandemic restrictions. A COVID certificate is no longer mandatory, with the vaccination pass regulations being lifted and the wearing of masks no longer obligatory but strongly suggested. This has sparked initial concerns about excessive tourism, however, the French government is contemplating strategies to make future tourism more sustainable. They aim to ensure that visitors still enjoy a premium experience while being mindful of climate impact and emissions.

Travelers from the United States make up a substantial portion of visitors to Paris, owing to the multiple direct flights provided by Air France and other carriers. Specifically for Air France, over the upcoming three months (September, October, November), flights from Atlanta to Paris and Denver to Paris are priced starting from $774 for a round trip. Departing from Atlanta, flights can be reserved for $1,270 round trip in September, $849 round trip in October, and $774 round trip in November. Departing from Denver, flights can be reserved for $1,244 round trip in September, $785 round trip in October, and $865 round trip in November.

In addition to these direct flights from the United States, the airline has recently introduced new extended comfort kits as well as its state-of-the-art long-haul Business class cabin on 12 Boeing 777-300s, which will commence flying for the first time in autumn 2022 from Paris to New York (JFK). The comfort kits will be available in Business and Premium Economy cabins for a duration of 18 months and will include: a toothbrush and toothpaste, pen, earplugs, soft sleeping mask, pair of socks, rejuvenating hand cream, and the Hydra-essential moisturizing cooling face gel from Air France’s partner Clarins.

Attracting millions of visitors annually, Paris presents a wealth of history through its Neoclassical architecture and age-old churches while the streets hum with activity as locals and tourists alike wander through the markets and sidewalk cafes. The city of “myriads of grandeur” as dubbed by Ernest Hemingway in his memoir, the shops lining the Champs Élysées or the boutiques in Le Marais invite everyone to glimpse the latest offerings from the world’s premier designers. Amidst the city’s opulence and allure, ensure to allocate time exploring the various arrondissements (districts) while indulging in a sweet or savory street crepe or a buttery croissant.

Image Source: Catarina Belova / Shutterstock

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