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Embracing The Opulent Lifestyle at Frank Sinatra & Twin Palms Estate

Upon the implementation of Hollywood Studios’ “Two-Hour Rule,” limiting actors’ travel to a two-hour radius to ensure their availability, Palm Springs emerged as the perfect destination for leisure under the sun.

In the late 1940s, the iconic singer Frank Sinatra and his entourage, known as the Rat Pack, established Palm Springs as their secondary abode. Sinatra, also fondly called Ol’ Blue Eyes, engaged the esteemed architect E. Stewart Williams to construct a residence in the mid-century modern style, complete with a swimming pool shaped like a piano.

Nestled in the Movie Colony neighborhood of Palm Springs, this sprawling 4,500 square foot estate served as the beloved crooner’s main domicile from 1948 to 1957. It became a haven for his celebrity companions, offering a sanctuary from the demands of the entertainment industry. Amongst the neighbors were luminaries such as actor Cary Grant, comedian Jack Benny, and singer-comedian Al Jolson.

During Modernism Week in February, the public gains access to Sinatra’s desert oasis, where visitors discover anecdotes about his life in the desert. A guide, welcoming groups at the entrance, shares, “Everyone acquainted with Frank knew of his affinity for Jack Daniels. He would hoist a Jack Daniels flag between the two palm trees, beckoning neighbors and friends for soirées filled with cocktails, music, and revelry.”

Adjacent to the iconic pool at Twin Palms lies a pool house featuring a kitchenette and his and hers cabana-style bathrooms.

The four-bedroom residence boasts seven bathrooms and a fireplace in each room, intended for warmth as there was no central heating at the time, as explained by the guide. The furnishings are marked by low seating and Terrazo tile floors, emblematic of the era.

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, the layout of the estate seamlessly merges indoor and outdoor spaces, especially with the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that open to a vast pool deck, ideal for entertaining.

A visit to the estate unfolds as a trip back in time, enveloped by meticulously restored period furnishings and the original recording studio, installed by Valentino Electronics of Hollywood, showcased in the living room. Envision Sinatra at the grand black piano, crooning “Come Fly With Me.”

The wallpapers in the rooms reflect the trends of the era. As per historical records, the 1950 Joan Crawford film “The Damn Don’t Cry” was filmed within these walls. Each bedroom boasts its private en-suite bathroom, uniquely adorned.

Portraits of Sinatra and personal artwork occupy the walls of every chamber and corridor.

Upon entering the master suite, the guide sheds light on a rumored infidelity episode involving Sinatra and his second wife, Ava Gardner. Married from 1951 to 1957, the duo’s tempestuous relationship was characterized by intense passion but also marked by tumultuous bouts of jealousy. As recounted, Sinatra purportedly staged a public display by setting fire to Gardner’s belongings in a fit of rage.

In the master bathroom, adorned in the era’s popular Pepto Bismol pink hue, the guide points out a crack and chip in one of the stand-alone sinks, hinting at a contentious incident where Sinatra allegedly damaged the sink during a verbal altercation with Gardner.

The iconic Twin Palms estate caters to private tours for groups of 20 or more, along with opportunities for vacation rentals, weddings, dinner parties, corporate retreats, and commercial photo shoots. For details on seasonal rental rates, reach out to Natural Retreats.

For further information on Modernism Week, visit Visit Greater Palm Springs.

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