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Explore the Uncommon Wilderness of Iceland with Hotel Husafell for an Unmatched Adventure

Discovering the Unique Wilderness of Iceland with a Stay at the Remarkable Hotel Husafell.

Embarking on a journey to a remote destination to delve into untouched nature is a compelling reason to travel. Iceland stands out as one of the most remarkable places to seek such an experience, with its unfamiliar landscapes housing glaciers, geysers, and waterfalls waiting to be explored. Nestled in the heart of Western Iceland, Hotel Husafell serves as the perfect hub to uncover the wonders of this spectacular region.

Situated approximately two hours away from Reykjavik, the hotel boasts an enigmatic drive through mesmerizing landscapes and otherworldly vistas. Positioned near a quaint village, it offers convenient access to nature’s bounties. Visitors can indulge in a plethora of activities, from relaxing in geothermal pools and gazing at waterfalls to exploring mountains, canyons, and lava caves. Between September and April, the sparse population and absence of light pollution make the hotel an ideal spot to witness the captivating Northern Lights, earning it recognition from Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s premier locations for experiencing the Aurora Borealis.

At the end of a day filled with adventures, the hotel presents a luxurious haven of eco-friendly indulgence, offering opulent accommodations, exquisite dining, and lavish amenities. Its exceptional attributes have earned it a place in the prestigious National Geographic Unique Lodges collection, highlighting its dedication to sustainability, authenticity, and top-notch service.

Hotel Husafell distinguishes itself further by utilizing 100% renewable geothermal energy derived from its in-house plant. This innovative technology harnesses heat from deep underground to power turbines and directly heat the facilities, lodgings, and flooring through steaming pipes. As the sole hotel in Iceland with its sustainable power source, it also employs renewable and eco-friendly construction materials.

Surrounded by the breathtaking splendor of Iceland’s dramatic Central Highlands, complete with woodlands, farms, and proximity to one of Europe’s largest glaciers, the hotel offers an awe-inspiring setting. An imposing mountain range adorned with patches of snow and occasional waterfalls looms in the distance, while the nearby town of Husafell sees sculptor Páll Guðmundsson creating striking stone faces from lava stone. Embodying a serene atmosphere, the town’s dwellings serve as weekend retreats for urban residents, with Guðmundsson’s captivating art pieces adorning the hotel’s interiors.

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Strategically positioned in West Iceland to facilitate exploration of the region’s marvels, Hotel Husafell is a gateway to remarkable sights and adventures. A visit to the majestic Hraunfossar waterfalls, with its cascading waters in a rocky canyon, is a must-see. Nearby, Langjökull, Europe’s third-largest glacier, beckons visitors to embark on guided hikes, snowmobile rides, or super jeep excursions. Additionally, the largest lava cave in Iceland, Vidgelmir, offers an incredible underground experience, while a rejuvenating soak in the geothermal hot springs of Húsafell Canyon Baths amidst mountainous surroundings promises relaxation.

The architectural splendor of Hotel Husafell, characterized by geometric shapes and soaring roofs, seamlessly blends contemporary design with raw stone, exposed wood, and massive windows that harmonize with the natural landscape. The interior exudes a fresh, modern aesthetic infused with minimalist Scandinavian influence, featuring raw wood surfaces, earth-tone tiles, and artwork by local talents such as Guðmundsson. The hotel boasts two dining venues, a bar, serene relaxation spaces, two geothermally heated pools, hot tubs, and a nine-hole golf course outdoors.

With a selection of 48 modern accommodations, ranging from rooms to suites equipped with heated floors and plush furnishings, Hotel Husafell ensures a comfortable stay. The rooms are elegantly appointed, reflecting Icelandic influences with sheepskin chairs, artworks by Páll Guðmundsson, and local bathroom amenities. The spacious suites offer separate living areas and luxurious bathrooms featuring large baths, separate showers, and rich earth-tone tiles. Many rooms feature outdoor terraces with seating areas overlooking the stunning natural vistas.

To sustain the energy needed for thrilling adventures, guests can savor a gourmet dining experience at Hotel Husafell. The restaurant not only tantalizes the taste buds but also captivates with its design, featuring two-story windows offering panoramic views of mountains, canyons, and a central fire pit.

The menu showcases a fusion of Icelandic and international culinary delights prepared from seasonal ingredients sourced from local producers. Indulge in dishes like hand-harvested Westfjords scallops with brown butter, orange ponzu, and roasted walnuts or the birch smoked lamb filet glazed in whey and coated with lavender. Adventurous diners can opt for the Icelandic game meat menu, evoking the feasts of ancient Vikings.

As an adventure-oriented destination, Hotel Husafell provides easy access to hiking trails with clear maps and expert guidance from attentive staff. Hike towards Husafell to witness Guðmundsson’s workshop as well as the historic Husafell Stone, a renowned test of strength that features in strong-man competitions. Let the trails lead you into the heart of the mountain range with breathtaking views, icy streams, glacial meltwater, and diverse landscapes encompassing birch forests, lava fields, and glaciers.

An unforgettable experience in West Iceland involves a visit to the exclusive Húsafell Canyon Baths, nestled away in a canyon and offering a secluded hot spring experience amidst captivating surroundings. Limited to a small number of guests with scheduled reservations, guided tours ensure a controlled and intimate atmosphere. Accessible by a short hike through a scenic route of waterfalls, mountains, and canyons, the pools feature sustainable construction melding seamlessly with the surrounding beauty.

After changing into swimsuits in wooden huts, guests can luxuriate in two small geothermal pools ranging in temperature from 86-105°F. Immerse in the rejuvenating waters and relish the mesmerizing views of the Icelandic highlands, experiencing the true essence of an Icelandic retreat.

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Another essential experience in Western Iceland is a tour of Víðgelmir, one of the largest lava caves globally, spanning over 5,000 feet. Led by knowledgeable geologists, the two-hour exploration not only showcases the caves but also delves into their geological formation, showcasing lava ropes and insights into their ancient origins dating back to circa 900 AD.

Equipped with a headlamp, visitors embark on a captivating journey into the cave, descending a staircase into a well-lit network of pathways, platforms, and trails. Witness the intricate stalagmites, stalactites, and lava formations in vivid detail, with the knowledgeable guide offering insights into the subterranean lava tubes, a natural wonder of Iceland.

For nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, Iceland presents a tapestry of dramatic landscapes featuring abundant waterfalls, glaciers, and canyons. Hotel Husafell stands as the ideal refuge to explore the myriad wonders of this extraordinary destination.

Image Source: Into The Glacier

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