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Explore This Stylish, Grown-Up Hotel Mousai In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Situated along the shores of Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico lies Hotel Mousai, an exclusive retreat inside the Garza Blanca Preserve and Residences. Hosting two lavish towers, the hotel is a part of the esteemed Tafer Hotels & Resorts collection, presenting the city’s sole five-star property.

In total, the preserve consists of seven structures, with two towers being specifically allocated to Hotel Mousai. This recent spring, we had the chance to explore the resort, conveniently situated just a 30-minute drive away from the Puerto Vallarta airport.

Upon our arrival, what immediately captivated us was the hotel’s remarkable style and layout—modern and groundbreaking yet still cozy and welcoming. The entrance area is adorned with vibrant, color-blocked furnishings; marble flooring; oversized chess pieces; and golden accents that reveal stunning views of the sea.

The property is comprised of two towers: The South and North, with rooms in each tower offering either ocean or jungle vistas, luxurious rain showers, Smart Toto bidet toilets, free Wi-Fi, a private terrace with a jacuzzi, outdoor loungers, and an extra-large hammock on the balcony.

Additional conveniences include automatic drapes, iPad-managed lighting, a study desk, and a travel trunk housing a minibar, refrigerator, and Nespresso coffee machine. During our stay, we settled into one of the 1,069-square-foot suites in the North Tower. Elegant and contemporary, the area showcases modern design elements, distinctive art pieces, and innovative touches—it possesses a character all its own.

Separated by a mirrored partition, the private bathroom boasts a moon mirror with LED lights, a lavish rain shower embellished with Venetian chocolate lathes with quartz tiles, and an automated Toto comfort toilet (commonly known as a bidet). Each room also includes its individual iPad, enabling you to order room service, reserve a spa treatment, communicate with your concierge, adjust the lighting, or shut the blinds at night.

Hotel Mousai offers four on-site restaurants that are accessible to Garza Blanca guests as well, although Mousai visitors receive priority reservations when booking. While all-inclusive dining options can sometimes fall short, the property guarantees that each restaurant upholds its lofty standards.

Everywhere you dine, you’ll encounter top-notch ingredients and exceptional flavor combinations that will leave you craving more. One standout eatery at the property is Hiroshi, a sophisticated Japanese restaurant with a view of the ocean, serving dinner exclusively.

Mexico may not immediately come to mind for outstanding sushi, but whether you’re lodging at the hotel or just passing through the region, Hiroshi is a must-try. Employing the freshest ingredients and precise techniques, the dishes here are truly remarkable. If you’re having trouble deciding, seek the chef’s suggestions—you won’t be disappointed.

Throughout the resort, guests can take advantage of Hotel Mousai’s exclusive facilities such as a cutting-edge gym; a stunning, elevated spa offering hydrotherapy treatments; a tennis court, basketball court, and squash room; and two rooftop infinity pools, one for each tower.

Visitors can also catch a complimentary trolley ride down to the beach or to the Garza Blanca hotel to experience the amenities of its sister property. For a distinctive excursion, reserve an ocean kayaking expedition to Los Arcos.

The three-hour adventure commences at the Garza Blanca beach, allowing guests to select a private or tandem kayak as they venture out into the ocean towards the rock formation. If conditions permit, guests can hop out of their kayak to snorkel around the area and observe the underwater wildlife. Insider’s Tip: If you’re prone to motion sickness, take a Dramamine before setting off.

Alternatively, if you prefer staying on solid ground, arrange a private tequila tasting and discover all about the country’s most popular spirit while sampling some of the region’s finest brands. You’ll discern the distinctions between white, reposado, and anejo tequilas, and how to pair them with your meals.

Did you realize that garnishing your tequila shot with a lime has nothing to do with masking the liquor’s strong taste? Reserve the experience to unravel why this tradition persists to this day—the explanation may surprise you.

We cherished every aspect of this all-inclusive getaway in Puerto Vallarta, from the friendly greetings of the staff upon arrival, to the delectable cuisine, breathtaking rooftop infinity pool, and our personal terrace jacuzzi that was the perfect way to unwind each evening. If you seek a luxurious, adults-only retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Hotel Mousai is the idyllic destination for your next holiday.


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