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Exploring the Historic Athenee Palace of Bucharest: A Glimpse into the Belle Epoque

Witnessing steadfast devotion in the realm of hospitality these days is a rarity, yet Vasile Descultescu and Daniela Ciuca have exemplified unwavering allegiance to the Athénée Palace Bucharest and its proprietor, George Copos, over the years. Their loyalty and dedication are truly praiseworthy.

From my days as a foreign correspondent for The Times newspaper to later leading as a CEO in Romania, I have personally witnessed their faithfulness. According to Vasile, they perceive themselves as integral members of the hotel’s close-knit community rather than mere staff.

Bringing a wealth of experience to the establishment, Daniela and Vasile extend a heartfelt welcome to guests at this historic luxury property. They are esteemed team players who consistently strive to exceed guest expectations.

The Ana Hotels group’s Athénée Palace Bucharest holds a notable position in history. Originating from 1914, the hotel provided refuge for many during World War II and played a significant role in clandestine activities.

The hotel’s grandiose foyer, complete with majestic marble columns and fresh floral arrangements, leads to the English Pub and Roberto’s eatery. Roberto’s, a charming Italian dining destination evoking the 1950s, delivers a delightful gastronomic journey overseen by head chef Yevgen Denysenko.

During my sojourn, I had the pleasure of savoring delights such as beef carpaccio, tantalizing seafood appetizers, and sumptuous pasta offerings at Roberto’s. The lavish breakfast spread at Roberto’s is extensive, while the executive lounge offers a serene and snug dining ambiance.

Our room, fashioned in homage to the Belle Époque period, was tastefully adorned with contemporary conveniences and a tribute to the hotel’s illustrious legacy. The spa, featuring a sauna and jacuzzi, provided a tranquil sanctuary after a day of exploring Bucharest.

Nestled in the city’s beating heart, Athénée Palace Bucharest stands in close proximity to cultural landmarks like the National Art Museum and the Atheneum. The bustling Calea Victoriei Boulevard, just a stone’s throw away, provides a charming walk through the Old Town and a vibrant weekend atmosphere.

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An extraordinary stay at this legendary hotel transcends opulence and convenience, offering an immersive journey into Bucharest’s rich tapestry of history and culture.

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