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For $125,000 You Can Reserve A Spot Aboard The Neptune To Explore The Boundary Of Space

The human endeavor to venture into the universe progresses with numerous significant launches and missions slated for the upcoming years. Concurrently, the trend of commercial space travel is gaining traction with enthusiastic travelers already securing their spots.

Meanwhile, for affluent individuals looking for extraordinary experiences, there is an unforgettable journey waiting aboard platforms like the Neptune.

If this concept sounds familiar, it’s because we previously highlighted a similar offering. The World View Explorer is a robust pod that will ascend to the edge of space using a massive balloon.

The inaugural flight in 2024 will feature a performance by the American musical duo The Chainsmokers. Space Perspective’s upcoming project is anticipated to be even more impressive.

Renderings of the Neptune reveal a design that is more rounded compared to the slightly angular structure of the World View. The mode of transportation appears to be similar, with specifications indicating the use of reflective coatings on the windows to counter solar radiation as the atmosphere thins at higher altitudes.

Much like the World View Explorer, the Neptune will feature a cabin fitted with seating arrangements.

Nevertheless, Neptune’s interior aesthetic leans towards an exclusive luxury lounge rather than a sci-fi theme. Comfortable sofas, small tables, and blankets will be provided for passengers who desire a relaxing experience while gazing at the spectacular view ahead.

A dedicated crew will be onboard to cater to guests with refreshments. The journey is expected to last approximately six hours, offering awe-inspiring moments from takeoff to landing. Remember to keep your smartphone charged to capture stunning photos and videos of your voyage. The construction of the Neptune is already in progress, and Space Perspective sets the ticket price at approximately $125,000.

Image Source: JustLuxe

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