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Guides for Explorers To Monitor Global Network And Qatar Airways At FIFA 2022

Image Source: rarrarorro / Shutterstock

Founder and main partner is Felix Brambilla, leading Overseas Network, a top Miami-based global destination management agency and high-end tourism operator, crafting distinctive travel adventures for trip advisors and travel strategists globally.

Being a globetrotter himself, Brambilla possesses firsthand insights about the preferences and requirements of today’s sophisticated luxury voyager.

Bringing his firm deep into the heart of various cultures, expanding the scope of client journeys beyond mere arrivals and departures. He opts to enable his traveling clientele to delve into travel essences – transcending the mere physical location to embracing luxury interconnections with heritage, culture, and significance.

He recently cited, “For instance, jetting off to Prague in a private aircraft, attending the National Théâtre and the State Opera, while missing out on a serene walk across the Charles Bridge at sunrise, indulging in a beer spa, and sampling exclusive Prague chocolates, might leave one with only a superficial view of Prague’s culture and history. Our focus is to reveal these essences, allowing our patrons to comprehend the cultural nuances by immersing in the intricate, multi-dimensional value of the region, not merely its mainstream tourist allure.”

It can be inferred from his statements that Brambilla’s vocation is more of a passion rather than a conventional profession. This amalgam of commitment and fervor steered him and his team towards a fresh, intriguing endeavor, one that aligns seamlessly with Overseas Network.

Specifically, Overseas Network has now been designated as the exclusive travel collaborator for Qatar Airways, the FIFA Official Airline, dedicated to curating distinctive off-site cultural encounters as part of the Official Fan Travel Packages for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

At present, Qatar Airways has enhanced connections spanning Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. With a vision to unite communities through sports, Qatar Airways has an extensive sports affiliation roster encompassing soccer regulating bodies like FIFA, CONCACAF, and CONMEBOL.

Given this remarkable alliance with Qatar Airways, Overseas Network has established a base in Qatar, with subsidiary entities, to foster exclusive local, authentic cultural sites around the stadium ambiance for sports aficionados attending the FIFA World Cup. Anticipated to draw 1.3 million travelers from over 14 nations to the region in November 2022, the FIFA spectacle will unfold across eight top-notch stadiums designed as tributes to Arabian heritage.

Two prime illustrations of this unique architecture: Al Janoub stadium, inaugurated in May 2019. Crafted by Zaha Hadid, the 40,000-seater amphitheater draws inspiration from the Dhow boats that adorn Qatar’s waters.

On the other hand, Al Thumama stadium represents another purpose-built venue for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Designed by the esteemed Qatari architect, Ibrahim M. Jaidah, the stadium draws from the gahfiya, a traditional woven cap worn by men across many Arab nations. Honoring Qatar Airways and Overseas Network’s broader vision towards heritage, the 40,000-capacity stadium will be halved post the FIFA World Cup 2022, with seats being contributed to nations in need of sporting infrastructure.

A dedicated client assistance team facilitated by Overseas Network will be expressly accessible for U.S. supporters availing packages, aiding with any requirements or inquiries.

Marking a pivotal moment, Brambilla asserts that for Overseas Network, alongside Qatar Airways, the aim is to promote the FIFA World Cup as a novel, progressive trajectory guiding towards a supportive, cross-cultural cognizance through an exclusive array of cultural encounters. Overseas Network enables its patrons to engage in

  • sumptuous pearl harvesting in traditional Dhow Boats during sunset voyages.
  • Bedouin Desert Camp expeditions in the Southern Dunes
  • guided excursions by local experts to Education City, an entertainment haven in the northern realm
  • customized soccer matches on a desert-based football pitch
  • meet-and-greet gatherings for fans with professional athletes

In reference to the latter, MLS Iron Man Luis Robles, the recently retired soccer luminary and the initial inductee to the New York Red Bulls Legends Row, now stands as the athletic brand promoter for Overseas Network and its FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 program.

Pioneering as one of the earliest U.S. rooted travel entities in Qatar, Brambilla and Overseas Travel Network function as indigenous cultural caretakers and touring strategists for overseas visitors. Each passing day augments his comprehension of Qatar’s nature, heritage, and contemporary allure to global wanderers.

He remarks, “One fundamental reason why Overseas Network is exhilarated to collaborate with Qatar Airways is our shared belief, particularly concerning FIFA, as an active link, and an ethical, cultural bridge connecting East and West.

Recalling the renowned line from Kipling’s poem, The Ballad Of East And West, where it mentions, ‘East Is East and West Is West and Never the Twain Shall Meet’? Well, the ‘twain’ has broken, and we are partaking in this delightful disruption. In its stead will be, drawn through Overseas Travel Network, FIFA, and Qatar Airways, an enhanced potential for enlightenment, acceptance, and enrichment. This marks just the commencement. Much more lies on the horizon.”

The Education City Mosque stands out as a community-driven mosque in Qatar and the surrounding area. Situated within the Minaretein building, supported by five substantial columns symbolizing the five pillars of Islam, each engraved with verses from the Holy Koran.

Felix Brambilla is the founder and lead partner

Image Source: rarrarorro / Shutterstock

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