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Habitas Unveils Its Ninth Estate Named San Miguel

Inaugurated in December 2022, Habitas San Miguel is the freshest estate unveiled by Habitas, the environmentally-friendly brand focused on delivering unique guest experiences. Following the inauguration of Tulum in 2017 and Bacalar in 2021, Habitas San Miguel marks their third estate in Mexico, positioned just on the outskirts of the UNESCO World Heritage site San Miguel de Allende. The estate is situated across vast open lands, a mere 10-minute journey from the town center, adorned with native flora such as succulents and vibrant indigenous flowers.

Upon stepping into the estate, visitors are greeted by their warm and hospitable team, who assist with check-in and guide them to the reception garden – a serene circular area that provides panoramic views of the valley – for a ceremonial welcome. Guests participate in a ritual of burning copal (a blend of rosemary and lavender), placing them over a copalera, and setting their intentions for their stay. This poignant moment encourages guests to break free and embark on a journey towards new beginnings; to explore deeper meanings and materialize any thoughts or emotions for the upcoming expedition.

Aside from the versatile communal gathering area, known as La Troje, and the reception building, the estate boasts 60 individually-designed, environmentally-conscious deluxe rooms and their in-house eatery, Comunidad. Comunidad showcases an open-concept layout featuring a culinary experience centered around locally-sourced ingredients and traditional recipes. Whether diners choose to enjoy their meal outdoors on intricately crafted wooden chairs or within the covered section adjacent to the library, standout dishes comprise of plant-based innovations such as a BBQ Cauliflower and the locally procured Lechón (suckling pig) terrine.

Remaining committed to their eco-friendly ethos, the brand takes pride in constructing each edifice with minimal impact on the environment. The rooms are adorned with chic furnishings from local craftsmen, and every guestroom comes with an outdoor terrace overlooking expansive fields and majestic clusters of succulents. “Our aim was for our guests to discover the perfect harmony between nature and culture, blending seamlessly with the artistic essence of San Miguel de Allende,” stated Habitas co-founder and CEO, Oliver Ripley.

Situated strategically, the hotel enables guests to explore the historic city center daily, as well as immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surrounding environs. Visitors can also partake in activities such as horseback riding, off-road expeditions, and hot air balloon excursions.

The estate offers daily activities themed around their core values: Art & Culture, Wellness, Adventure, Learning, Food, and Music. They aspire to cultivate a community through activities ranging from yoga sessions to macrame workshops, meditation, and pinto & Tinto (wine & paint) classes. A community based on shared ideals and musings, where guests are encouraged to collaborate, enrich their knowledge, and form deeper connections.

“Habitas San Miguel de Allende presents guests with the opportunity to explore the vibrant art, cuisine, music, and cinema of the city while having a serene haven to unwind and rejuvenate amidst vineyards and a sustainable farm,” Ripley declared.

Habitas San Miguel de Allende marks the company’s ninth estate, with six more on the horizon: Atacama, Chile; Bhutan; Los Cabos, Mexico; Santa Teresa, Mexico; Todos Santos, Mexico; and Zion, USA.

Image Source: Forbes

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