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How Luxuri Emerged as Miami’s Preferred Choice for Premium Villas and Experiences

By Darby Jones

In spite of Miami’s appeal to celebrities throughout the year, it is during the winter months that individuals decide to settle in the sunny state. Winter is undeniably the prime season to explore South Florida, starting with Miami’s Art Basel. Prominent figures from top A-listers in America such as Kim K, Rihanna, Cardi B, Hailey Bieber, Sommer Ray, Tiesto, Alec Monopoly, and various others are frequently seen Baseling across Miami.

As Miami continues its progress towards resurgence, The Real Deal anticipates the city emerging as the world’s second-best luxury market in 2023. Market analysts at Knight Frank project a five percent rise in property prices next year, amidst the ongoing unprecedented expansion. Following the lead of numerous out-of-state developers who are pouring investments into Miami, the New York City-based Chetrit Group is placing its bets on a sustained real estate boom in Miami.

While many enterprises are just beginning to grasp the potential of Miami, the brands that have long understood this have not only reaped the benefits of this growth but have also been instrumental in propelling it forward. Luxuri and its founder Jonathan Campau have placed their wagers on Miami long before this recent revival. Luxuri operates as a vertically integrated company specializing in vacation rental property management and real estate brokering. True to its moniker, Luxuri is heralded for offering top-tier luxury experiences in Miami to its numerous elite clients — both vacationers and real estate investors.

When celebrities and affluent individuals embark on journeys, they anticipate a particular standard of service and discretion that rivals the comforts of their personal abodes. Apart from the opulent estates and villas, Luxuri excels in these specialized services, providing a concierge service that can arrange private jets, chauffeurs, security personnel, chefs, daily housekeeping, massages, and more. The team ensures that each client receives meticulous attention from the moment they express interest in booking until their departure.

In anticipation of Art Basel, Miami, the Luxuri team was notably occupied in the weeks leading up to the event. While the Luxuri team were present at the main functions and socializing with celebrities, a significant portion of these famed personalities were lodged in Luxuri’s villas for the duration.

Within Luxuri’s brokerage, Larry Shinbaum and Sharon Beck, a top performer, are instrumental in securing the most exclusive properties in South Florida to cater to the top one percent when they visit. However, they also play a pivotal role in assisting Luxuri’s vacation rental guests in acquiring second and third homes in Miami for investment purposes. Overseeing the property management division, Or Dori ensures that the properties and experiences align with Luxuri’s target clientele.

With peak season in Miami now underway, do not hesitate to reach out to Luxuri for an unparalleled luxury experience.

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