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Mercedes-Benz Vision Immobility Is A Completely Independent Urban EV Concept

Image Source: sylv1rob1 / Shutterstock

Prior to the yearly Consumer Electronics Show welcoming participants, there was a suggestion that car manufacturers would have a significant presence for displaying their newest and forthcoming sustainability platforms.

Before any significant news emerges, we would like to showcase a concept designed by Richard Huang known as the Mercedes-Benz Vision iMobility. Here’s the offering of this small city commuter.

Most people are well aware that the automobile industry is actively transitioning production away from internal combustion engines. Research indicates that fossil fuels continue to be a primary source of carbon emissions.

Fortunately, brands like Mercedes-Benz and others now provide gentle hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and fully electric options for almost their entire lineup.

The Vision iMobility is a fascinating proposal given the German company’s previously outlined advances in various self-navigating technologies. Therefore, the designer heavily integrated the idea of independent driving into the layout and presentation of the interior. Externally, we have the common city commuter in place.

As it purportedly utilizes level 5 independent capabilities, there is no manual steering mechanism in place. Instead, the owner can recline on a motorized chair and just relax while the EV directs itself to the destination.

The interior can be tailored to support health and conform to personal preferences.

An almost ovoid body riding on four wheels with aerodynamic shapes, ornamental LED components, rear-view side cameras, an expansive windshield, and extensive windows.

Drivers enter their Vision iMobility through a fusion of a swing-out door and a cover system at the front. The rear opens in a slightly different manner and offers ample space for cargo.

“Vision iMobility is a completely self-reliant micro car designed to address the difficulties faced by individuals in East Asia, where demanding work environments and prolonged hours contribute to high levels of fatigue.

The objective is to convert the everyday commute into a tailored and restorative experience, providing a space for relaxation and health,” described Huang.

Image Source: sylv1rob1 / Shutterstock

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