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Molihua, A Restaurant That Fuses Cuisines By Michelin Star Chefs, Has Just Opened in Houston

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Molihua, the much-awaited restaurant led by acclaimed chefs Ho Chee Boon and Hideki Hiwatashi, has recently revealed itself in Houston. Situated on the second level of Blossom Houston, Molihua, translating to “Jasmine” in Chinese, provides a distinctive culinary adventure blending Japanese cuisine, dim sum, and luxurious desserts with finesse.

‘I am excited to present Molihua to the lively food scene of Houston,’ shared Chef Ho. ‘Our intention is to enchant guests with a seamless fusion of traditional Japanese and Asian tastes within an elegant environment. Our focus on top-quality ingredients ensures that each dish has a distinct taste, setting us apart in the world of cuisine. I believe that food can unite people, and Molihua is not just about the dishes but about creating connections and encouraging harmony.’

Molihua’s menu flaunts the freshest ingredients in classic and contemporary Japanese and Asian dishes. The varied à la carte selection includes a range of appetizers, sushi, and noodle dishes. Noteworthy dishes comprise the Japanese A5 Wagyu Skewer, Aburi Nigiri Moriawase, Molihua Grilled Duck and Rice, and an indulgent dessert menu.

Molihua emanates a modern atmosphere inspired by jasmine blooms. The restaurant’s style and furnishings establish a calm and welcoming setting for patrons. Offering diverse seating choices such as booths, two-tops, bar seating, and a private dining space, Molihua caters to all types of gatherings. The focal point of the dining area is a vibrant sushi bar where skilled chefs transform the freshest seafood into stunning Japanese delicacies.

The culinary squad at Molihua is overseen by Chef Ho Chee Boon, who brings over 35 years of experience from esteemed Asian eateries worldwide. Alongside Chef Ho is Chef Hideki Hiwatashi, who has devoted more than three decades to mastering kaiseki cuisine. Chef Hideki’s impressive background includes training at the esteemed Kikunoi Roan in Kyoto and leadership roles at distinguished restaurants globally.

Molihua’s gala opening signifies the emergence of a new culinary hotspot in Houston. With its unique combination of Japanese and Asian flavors, chic ambiance, and talented culinary team, Molihua pledges to provide an unforgettable dining encounter.

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