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Premium Dwellings Costa Blanca: The Ultimate Property Agency For Acquiring Your Ideal Residence on Northern Costa Blanca In Spain

Premium Dwellings Costa Blanca: Your Perfect Partner for the Golden Visa Program and Home Purchase on the Northern Costa Blanca in Spain

Back in 2013, the enactment of the “Golden Visa” Legislation provided a pathway for non-EU nationals who had undertaken a substantial investment in the Spanish economy to secure a temporary residency status in Spain. As a leading player in the real estate sector along the eastern coastline of Spain, Premium Dwellings Costa Blanca delivers a comprehensive suite of top-notch services to navigate individuals through the entire process of applying for Spain’s Golden Visa. The recent recognition of Premium Dwellings in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards underlines its competence and dependability in handling even the most intricate and demanding affairs.

Securing a Golden Visa for Spain paves a convenient route for attaining a residency permit in one of the most welcoming and amicable countries globally, sunny Spain. This opportunity is open to non-EU nationals and their kin. Individuals above 18 years of age possessing adequate financial resources to fully support themselves and their family are eligible to apply. Furthermore, the applicant must have a clean criminal record, no history of visa denials within the Schengen area, and must not be on Spain’s list of undesirable individuals. Family members eligible as dependents include the spouse, children below 18 years old, and parents.

With a Golden Visa for residency, individuals are permitted a year’s stay in the country if the application is made from overseas and two years if requested from within Spain. Upon the expiry of the initial period, an application can be made for a Visa renewal, granting an additional 5-year extension upon approval. Upon completing ten years of residency, Golden Visa holders can opt to apply for Spanish citizenship. Additionally, Visa holders can freely travel to 29 Schengen area countries.

A major route for investing in the Spanish economy to qualify for a Golden Visa is to invest in real estate valued at a minimum of EUR 500,000. Leveraging their profound market knowledge of the real estate sector in Costa Blanca, experts at Premium Dwellings not only assist clients in making a profitable investment and obtaining a residency permit in one of the world’s most appealing countries but also customize exclusive luxurious options in line with each investor’s unique preferences and aspirations. This approach allows for the fusion of the opportunity to become a Spanish resident with the acquisition of a dream abode through one of the most esteemed and trustworthy high-end property agencies in the region.

The professionals at Premium Dwellings Costa Blanca handle all financial and legal facets concerning property selection and acquisition, along with the necessary relocation paperwork. Prospective residents can choose a property remotely; Premium Dwellings experts are poised to furnish all essential property details. However, should the purchaser wish to engage in an onsite house hunt, they must reach out to the Spanish Consulate in their place of residence to apply for a tourist visa.

Image Source: Bilanol / Shutterstock

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