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Quebec City Represents an Opulent Environment to Reside & Savor Your Existence

Image Source: mervas / Shutterstock

If you seek a serene retreat in a destination renowned for its exquisite cuisine, lodgings, wellness centers, and genuine cultural encounters, Canada’s French-speaking province of Quebec awaits your exploration.

Its official language is French, however, with both French and English being recognized as national languages, visitors are enamored by the province’s European charm alongside the advantage of its close proximity and bilingualism. The favorable currency exchange rate adds to the allure.

As the oldest city in Canada, Quebec City serves as the capital and crowning gem of the country’s largest province. In the 1970s, the government acquired and revitalized the structures of Vieux-Québec, the Old Town, marking it as the sole fortified city above Mexico. The Old Quebec Historic District earned recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here, amid admiring the edifices, reveling in festivals, shows, boutiques, galleries, and museums, visitors can delight in some of the province’s most exceptional offerings by engaging in two integral aspects of Quebec’s genuine cultural and spiritual legacy. The Indigenous First Nations and the Catholic Church jointly compose the bedrock of the province’s essence and can be comprehended in an engaging manner.

First Nations: Wendake

The Huron-Wendat Nation inhabited the region centuries before the French navigator Jacques Cartier “discovered” Quebec in 1608. Wendake, signifying “a distinct land,” serves as the traditional territory of the Nation and presents a perfect commencement point for exploring the area. The 4-star Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations integrates accommodations, fine dining, a distinctive museum, and First Nations’ hospitality, all in a single location.

Indigenous artwork and artifacts adorn the premises. The fur trade heritage is evident through the numerous untamed animal skins adorning the communal spaces and guest chambers.

Embark on a guided tour to fully grasp the history, art, and traditions of the Huron-Wendat showcased through the interactive museum’s invaluable collections. Visit the longhouse outdoors to delve into myths and legends.

Uncover a gem in the museum’s boutique, then venture into the artisan outlets within the Old Wendake Historic Village. Explore the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Church, established by the Jesuits, now identified as a National Historic Site of Canada. Opposite stands animal sculptures representing the genesis legend and behold the nation’s mural. Descend the stairway to witness the 92-foot high waterfall streaming into a 138-foot deep canyon.

The Huron-Wendat was the singular Amerindian faction bestowed land by the French monarch. An archaeological excavation near the falls in 2009 unveiled artifacts from the Jesuit-operated 18th and 19th-century water-driven mill, mandated beneath the seigniorial estate, as well as saw and paper factories here.

Extend your cultural immersion at the eatery within the hotel, La Traite. For the optimal vantage of the outdoors and the displayed artifacts, secure a table overlooking the Akiawenrahk River.

Savor an elaborately curated menu by the globally acclaimed two-star Michelin chef Marc de Passorio. The award-winning organic and seasonal fare mirrors the essence of the native land, inspired by the Aboriginal inhabitants who hunted, fished, and foraged in the vicinity. Indulge in the three or four-course Table de Saison, encompassing traditional bannock bread and seasonal specialties such as scallops paired with smoked corn powder, the iconic deer medallion, and maple-infused mousse with a side of maple fudge and lemon balm jelly. À La carte and vegetarian alternatives also await.

Conclude your day under the celestial expanse while strolling along the forest trail at Onhwa Lumina. Absorb the essence of the ancestral cadence and visual and melodic projections celebrating the Wendat Nation and its authentic lifestyle.

Quebec City: the Abode of Enduring Remedial Tradition

Continue your First Nations’ cultural odyssey with a midday repast at Sagamité in Old Quebec, christened after the Indigenous stew featuring venison and the “Three Sisters,” comprised of corn, squash, and red beans. Immerse yourself in indigenous artistry while relishing time-honored culinary customs.

The 4-star Hilton Quebec, conveniently nestled in the Upper Town next to the graceful Second Empire style Parliamentary edifice, provides sweeping panoramas of the city from every guest chamber. To relish the premier view, advance booking for a room with vistas of the St. Lawrence River and Old Quebec or Parliament is recommended. Executive level lodgings encompass VIP lounge entitlements boasting an expansive floor-to-ceiling cityscape, deluxe morning repasts, all-day refreshments, and a light evening buffet. Culminate your stay with a dip in the heated rooftop pool.

Serving as a bastion of care since the arrival of Augustinian nuns in what was then called New France in 1639 to establish the foremost hospital north of Mexico, the Augustinian Monastery has perpetuated its original mission of holistic healthcare by adapting to contemporary requirements as governmental healthcare oversight burgeoned from the 1960s onward and the nuns aged and declined in numbers. The sanctuary provided respite to frontline workers and caregivers during the pandemic, while its tranquil accommodations and bespoke programs remain accessible to all.

Immerse yourself fully by reserving an authentic former nun’s cell with a communal washroom or a more spacious modern chamber with a private bath. Savour three nutritious meals daily, alongside verdant juices, a holistic wellness consultation, specialized treatments, private massages, reflexology sessions, breathing exercises, posture workshops, access to movement and wellness classes, capped off with a comprehensive scrutiny upon departure.

Day passes open up the chance to luxuriate in the serene ambiance of the facility, peruse art spanning four centuries within the monastery, explore artifacts in the museum, engage in gentle wellness activities, and relish the nourishing fare at Le Vivoir bistro.

The thermal affair at Old Quebec’s Strøm Nordic Spa is a sublime technique to invigorate both body and mind. The spectrum of therapeutic hot and cold waters is elevated by the river vista with ferries and vessels gliding along the St. Lawrence River. Timely reservations are recommended for the thermal circuit, massages, and aesthetic treatments.

Conclude your Quebec City expedition with dinner at the esteemed Restaurant Le Clan. Chef Stephane Modat, hailing from southern France, polished his craft in various esteemed French eateries, ultimately serving as the Executive Chef at Château Frontenac’s Champlain Restaurant. Modat’s culinary repertoire at Le Clan epitomizes elegance and authenticity, harnessing local Quebecois produce and innovative techniques derived from the Indigenous populace.

Prepare for an indulgent experience, guided by the affable and attentive staff. Allow the sommelier’s expertise to illuminate the nuances of the wines on offer. The meticulous attention to detail includes tableware fashioned by Wendat ceramist Line Gros-Louis, featured in multiple museums. Secure reservations in advance to avoid missing out on this extraordinary soiree.

The 4-star Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations brings together lodgings, haute cuisine, an exceptional museum, and First Nations’ hospitality under one roof.

Indigenous artwork and artifacts are strewn across the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations premises.

The vestiges of the fur trade are palpable through the assortment of untamed animal hides within the public domains and guest accommodations at the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations.

Amuse bouche, La Traite.

Scallops with smoked corn powder, crunchy three sister vegetables, parsnip puree, La Traite

Hee-Hee-Tel-Kin wine, La Traite

Deer medallion, vegetables with cedar salt, mushrooms and gremolata with carrot stem and candied lemon. La Traite

Maple mousse with maple fudge, and lemon balm jelly, La Traite

Restaurant Sagamité, Quebec City

Wapiti burger, Restaurant Sagamité, Quebec City

Augustinian Monastery, Quebec City

Chapel, Augustinian Monastery, Quebec City

Nun’s chamber, Augustinian Monastery, Quebec City

contemporary guest room, Augustinian Monastery, Quebec City

The view of the Old Town from the Hilton Quebec is the best in the city

Hilton Quebec overlooks Tourney Fountain, which is as beautiful by night as during the day.

Image Source: mervas / Shutterstock

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