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Reflecting on a Winter Journey to Stein Eriksen Retreat, Deer Valley: A Personal Review

Stein Eriksen Retreat and Dwellings epitomize the essence of heritage. Named in honor of Stein Eriksen, who resided in the core of Deer Valley at the lodge bearing his name, the Retreat is positioned three miles from Park City, Utah, nestled at an elevation ranging from 6570 to 9570 feet above sea level.

Nestled at 8100 feet, the Stein Eriksen Retreat stands amidst the backdrop. Amidst the season with the highest recorded snowfall in history, exceeding 500 inches, we arrived at the Retreat. Our abode was exceptional, boasting two hearths, a private hot bath, a capacious soaking tub, and a lavish shower. Additionally, a complete kitchen accompanied the bedroom and living area. The opulent silver Lincoln Navigators were available for conveying us to various destinations. Upon entry, the foyer enveloped us with the cozy aura of crackling wood-burning fireplaces, the fragrance of fine leather armchairs, bowls brimming with fresh Gala and Winesap apples, and jugs filled with steaming hot cocoa.

The Stein Eriksen Retreat beckons a diverse array of patrons across various generations, including skiing aficionados and families with young skiing enthusiasts. Offering ski-in and ski-out facilities, the Retreat provides ski valets, ski concierges, and ski mentors to cater to guests ranging from novices to seasoned skiers. Additionally, guests have access to heli-skiing and snowmobiling expeditions. Stein Eriksen, originating from Norway and a renowned skier, established the resort. He clinched numerous Olympic gold medals in Men’s Giant slalom, notably securing three gold medals at the 1954 World Championships held in Sweden. In 1952, Eriksen was honored with the Holmenkollen Medal. Stein Eriksen Retreat has garnered several accolades, including the distinction of being the World’s Finest Ski Lodge and Utah’s single Forbes Five-Star hotel and spa.

Following Mr. Eriksen’s demise at the age of 88, he left behind a vibrant lodging legacy, metamorphosing into a year-round haven offering an array of pursuits like trekking in the mountains, mountain biking, al fresco music galas, and golf. During our stay amidst the snowy wonderland accumulating over 500 inches of snow, skiing was an unparalleled delight. Snowmobiling proved to be an unforgettable escapade as we ventured deep into the snow-laden terrains of the Wasatch Back mountain range, immersing ourselves in the untainted scenery, relishing the rare winter tranquility, and culminating the day with dinner in the cozy abode of AlpenGlobe. The culinary experiences at Stein Eriksen were exquisite, especially at Troll Hallen and the acclaimed dining spot, Glitretind. However, guests also had access to other extravagant accommodations such as the Stein Eriksen Residences, the Chateaux at Deer Valley, and the Stein Assortment of Luxury Dwellings.

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Upon departing from Stein Eriksen Retreat, we realized that Winter embodies both jubilance and awe. Engulfed in activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, touching the colossal icicles glistening under the winter sun, scrutinizing the weather signals in the sky above, all while savoring the shimmering snow underfoot. These moments will indelibly shape the heritage of Stein Eriksen Retreat for generations to come. For additional details, please peruse their website: and Explore some of their engaging social media updates below:

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