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Susanna Cots’ Fall In The Northern Part Cleverly Utilizes Cupboards As Partitions

Based in Barcelona, interior decorator Susanna Cots’ most recent dwelling project in Navarra, Spain, “exploits layout as a linking method.” The outcome is a residence with merely three entrances and no tall dividers named Fall in the North.

The residence contains three sleeping areas, a lounge, a workspace, and an open culinary space with an eating region.

The culinary area functions as the “hub of the distribution,” which disperses the other chambers in balanced proportions. On its left is an unenclosed area comprising a laundry area and the kids’ bedroom, and on the right side, the household workspace.

The Fall in the North abode has only one partially permanent entrance. It is in the kids’ room and situated there to transform with their maturity and their demand for seclusion.

A substantial timber board at the apex of the steps glides to seal off the main suite. Furthermore, it also offers seclusion to the linked bathroom.

Apart from the culinary area, a partially unsealed staircase also denotes the heart of the residence. It is not isolated by walls and is defined by partitions. A sizeable skylight in the culinary area attracts morning and noon luminescence while a dark central island stands out against a setting of white cupboards and wooden flooring.

In the meantime, dark-bordered window frames also deliver a stunning juxtaposition against the white and wood color scheme. There are no dividers in the Fall in the North abode.

Alternatively, integrated white cupboards with dual purposes on both sides act as partitions that distinguish each area. This design leads to exceptional internal movement since all areas are reachable from other sides of the cupboards.

Image Source: Men’s Gear

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