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The ASKA eVTOL Concept Is Officially Launched

Many years of anticipation from aerospace and transportation sectors have preceded the unveiling of flying cars. Unfortunately, none have received regulatory approval for operation until this moment. Nonetheless, the aspiration remains alive and well.

Advancements in battery technology may soon pave the way for vehicles like the ASKA eVTOL. It comes as a pleasant surprise that preorders are currently open.

The company has hinted at a potential delivery date in 2026. As long as there is sufficient space to accommodate the ASKA with its propellers extended, it should be ready for action. An intriguing feature of this aerial vehicle is its adherence to its namesake.

Should flying be impractical for any reason, it can seamlessly transition to terrestrial mode. With dimensions akin to an average SUV, its in-wheel motor system enables it to operate like a standard electric vehicle. Furthermore, the wings and propellers are designed to retract safely.

Each of the four wheels is housed within an aerodynamically streamlined enclosure. Capable of seating up to four individuals comfortably, the craft offers panoramic views through windows positioned at almost every corner. Owners can conveniently recharge the ASKA at existing electric vehicle charging stations.

While the default power source is fully electric, discussions by the manufacturer allude to potential conversion systems that could utilize hydrogen fuel cells to enhance its range. The current maximum cruising speed in flight stands at 150 mph, with ongoing efforts to secure regulatory approval for its terrestrial top speed.

The project team is currently aiming for a highway speed of 70 mph with the eVTOL. Passengers’ safety is paramount, and plans include a ballistic parachute system for emergencies. GET YOUR PREORDER NOW[/embed>

Image Source: / Shutterstock

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