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The House of Ventura Rests Atop the Summit of Hills

House Ventura, designed by Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao, was crafted to “levitate” on a peak in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo León, Mexico. It emerges majestically from its wooded landscape, commanding a panoramic view of the scenic city of Monterrey, Mexico.

This spacious 1,230 square meter residence for a family underwent a construction period lasting around three years due to the demanding location of two and a half acres of rugged terrain with diverse topography.

The building location possesses steep inclines, prompting the client’s preference for a one-story residence with distinct separation between communal and private areas, all the while maintaining energy efficiency.

Taking inspiration from the photographs of modernist homes from the 1950s by Julius Schulman, Bilbao employed a pentagon module in designing Casa Ventura. The strategy involved partitioning the house into interconnected volumes with minimal elevation changes. Each segment of the residence is enclosed within a pentagon that harmonizes with the land’s contours.

The result is an abode with a seamless, expansive layout that meanders horizontally. The design allows for unrestricted movement and congruity between sections that seamlessly integrate into the natural gradient.

Public spaces reside on a flatter section, promoting easy circulation, while private areas are nestled in a terraced layout along the slope. To facilitate continuous flow and movement, a spiral staircase links both zones.

Predominantly constructed with concrete, Casa Ventura seamlessly blends in with its surroundings, as Bilbao described it as a house that “rises like an extension of the cliffside or a fractal formation stemming from the same slope.”

The dwelling evokes a sense of organic growth on the hillside, blending harmoniously with the natural landscape.

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