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The Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland: A Shelter of Quietness and Solitude

Iceland stands as a realm of ineffable natural magnificence located in extensive and broad open landscapes. It is a region of remarkable natural occurrences ranging from ice caps to geysers and some of the planet’s most breathtaking waterfalls and dark sand shores. Away from its well-known locations lie the uplands renowned for their desolation and a specific kind of calmness there. The stony and arid terrains seem like the facade of the moon, with surreal vacant areas, rolling hills, and a snow-covered peak in the distance. This spot is far from any significant populace, where scarcely a vehicle passes by and is devoid of any urban sounds. Apart from the faint noise of a murmuring stream or the whisper of the breeze, all remains silent.

Despite its appearance in the midst of nowhere, this is where you’ll encounter one of Iceland’s most extraordinary encounters. The place to go is a retreat in a residence constructed of glass where the summer’s midnight sun or the winter’s aurora borealis adorn the heavens with their vibrant hues before you. Arguably among Iceland’s most remote, secluded, and enchanting hideaways are situated there, at the Panorama Glass Lodge.

The site is a ninety-minute drive from Reykjavik. The path winds through the remote highlands of southern Iceland where the residences and farms seem to be miles apart and where you’ll glimpse more of their splendid Icelandic horses, with their lengthy flowing hair, brown, white, rust, or pinto tones.

The Panorama Glass Lodge provides remarkably private individual glass chalets designed for respite and romance and to admire the splendor of the surrounding area, particularly what lies in the sky above. The four autonomous chalets are dispersed across a broad expanse of land giving their visitors a sensation of being isolated in the wilds. The cabins have everything guests require for an autonomous stay, from the snug bedroom, fully equipped kitchens, to the well-appointed bathrooms. The unforgettable escapade there is having the opportunity to gaze at the skies above for once-in-a-lifetime views of the stars, midnight sun, and the eerie green auroras.

Throughout the daylight hours, the vista is no less spectacular in an area surrounded by rocky fields and arctic tundra and the Hekla volcano in the distance. Outdoors, there is an extensive wooden veranda with a bbq grill as well as a private hot tub making it an ideal spot for daybreaks or stargazing.

The Aurora Borealis and Midnight Sun

Every time of year is exceptional there. During the summer, there are intervals with 24 hours of daylight where the sun literally never sets. It’s labeled the midnight sun where the sun nears the horizon and never dips below. It tracks along the horizon from east to west and then begins its ascent anew. Being in this vast and open expanse with no man-made structures or even forests to obstruct the vision, offers the ideal setting to relish this unforgettable moment. Fortunately, there are sleeping masks so you can rest in between observing this surreal “non-sunset”.

Commencing in September, one could not desire a better stage to admire the aurora borealis. As mentioned, this region is vast, remote, stark, and scarcely peopled. As a consequence, there is nil light contamination as it is devoid of artificial lighting. Consequently, the northern lights appear far clearer as they perform their ethereal luminous ballet. It feels as if you are in the foremost row of a drive-in cinema and on the enormous screen is nature’s most peculiar light display.

The thought that you are reclining in your cozy bed and simply gazing up through your glass ceiling heightens the experience. To infuse a dash of romance into the mix, partners will head to the hot tub outside to cuddle and witness this spectacle together in a place so secluded that they perceive as if they were the solitary two spirits left on the planet.

Dwelling in a Glass House

The glass cabins are ideally crafted for sightseeing as well as for comfort and seclusion. The front segment of the chalet is constructed of 10ft high glass walls and ceilings while the rear is made of steel and wood. Indoors, the design is exquisite, contemporary, and elegant with tasteful Icelandic artworks and design features. The bathrooms are tastefully adorned as well with rainfall showers and ecologically produced bathroom items. The focal point of these domes is the custom-made ultra-comfortable king-sized beds made for slumbering in or laying awake while gazing out.

The Viking-style cabins are well-furnished and fully equipped for a self-sufficient retreat. The galley has all the top-notch appliances needed, a Nespresso coffee machine and various kitchen gadgets and utensils, and the most commonly required culinary supplies, oils, and spices. Visitors usually stock up on provisions en route in the town of Hella, about thirty minutes away. There is a fittingly sized table for two to savor the meal.

Exteriorly, there is an open-air living area with a bbq grill, table and chairs, and a hammock for further idling. Adjacent to the cabin is the hot tub perfectly sized for two, enabling hours of soaking, unwinding, and reconnecting. There is also a glass-enclosed sauna shared between two chalets that operate on a schedule so that each couple has their private time.

Often when we vacation, we seek to visit a place with loads of activities and a crammed timetable of checkboxes that need ticking off before we board the flight home. But frequently the most unforgettable spots are those where we merely decelerate. Instead of a frantic pace near all the action, we seek serenity and to be left to ourselves – a peaceful spot in the wilderness where less equates to more. For amorous duos wishing to escape it all, there’s no place like the Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland.

Image Source: Panorama

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