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The Vision And Aesthetic Of Lucid Motors

Image Source: Around the World Photos / Shutterstock

Conceived in California, Lucid Motors stands as the epitome of Californian electric vehicles, ideal for arriving at a glamourous affair or embarking on a scenic drive through majestic redwood forests to the serene beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Picturing a recent glitzy movie premiere on Hollywood Blvd., a procession of sleek, black Lucid Electric Vehicles paraded down the red carpet, transporting A-List celebrities to the event. The sleek design, allowing for a graceful exit, marked a notable contrast to the cumbersome SUV arrivals.

Lucid Motors embodies the brainchild of Peter Rawlinson, the CEO and CTO of the EV venture. Graduating from Imperial College at the University of London, Rawlinson boasts a wealth of expertise in automotive engineering.

Bringing three decades of proficiency to Lucid Motors, Rawlinson previously held the position of Vice President of Vehicle Engineering at Tesla, serving as the Chief Engineer for the Model S. Joining Tesla in 2009, Rawlinson spearheaded the Model S engineering team from inception, collaborating closely with Elon Musk throughout the production phase.

His illustrious career includes roles as the Head of Vehicle Engineering at Corus Automotive, Chief Engineer at Lotus Cars, and Principal Engineer at Jaguar Cars.

Under his stewardship at Lucid Motors, the mission is to encourage the transition to sustainable energy by crafting alluring electric vehicles deeply rooted in the human encounter.

While the Lucid Air boasts an impressive range of 410 miles before requiring a recharge, the Lucid Grand Touring model effortlessly glides up to 516 miles, permitting a seamless journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco without interruption for charging.

These eco-conscious, sleek, and sophisticated electric vehicles have become a spectacle on Californian roads and beyond.

Derek Jenkins, the Senior Vice President of Design and Brand at Lucid Motors, spearheads a team dedicated to conceiving top-tier Californian-themed electric vehicles, blending cutting-edge aesthetics with environmentally-friendly materials.

During the early phases of Lucid Air’s development, inspiration was drawn from Mid-Century Modern furniture and living spaces to create enduring interior spaces. This approach infuses a sense of warmth, sophistication, and softness through meticulously chosen materials. The design ethos strikes a delicate balance between innovation, technology, and recycled resources. Jenkins highlighted, “We utilize door panel materials composed of 30% alpaca wool and 70% polyester, derived from recycled water bottles to curb plastic consumption in landfills.”

Reflecting California’s diverse terrains, the Lucid Air symbolizes iconic locations within the Golden State such as Santa Monica, Santa Cruz, Mojave Desert, and Tahoe.

Distinctively, the front seats exhibit a hue slightly different from the rear seats. For instance, in the Mojave Desert theme, designers drew inspiration from the near-absence of light pollution during late evenings, casting delicate starlit shadows on the desert landscape. The front seats are upholstered with deep black Nappa full-grain leather, renowned for preserving the hide’s natural texture, while the rear features a softer charcoal grey tone.

One of the Golden State motifs, Santa Cruz, draws inspiration from the vibrant beach town nestled along California’s coastline, where the ancient redwoods meet the ocean. The color palette evokes the afternoon sunlight dissipating the morning mist along the shore, with a brilliant blue sky and luminous sunlight creating silver reflections on the frothy waves. These hues are translated into the Lucid Air’s exterior finish.

The interior harmonizes colors from the coastal cliffs and sands, alongside deep espresso, cool grey mist, and light shell tones. Genuine walnut trims adorn the console and doors, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Eminent for its supple and minimally treated properties, the genuine leather upholstery enhances flexibility and breathability, with perforations facilitating optimal airflow for enhanced comfort during drives.

Celebrating Lucid’s Californian essence, the California Grizzly bear, the state’s emblem, adorns the vehicle in the form of rims or decals.

The Santa Monica theme encapsulates the vibrant essence of this coastal city west of Los Angeles. The serene morning hues caressing the extensive shoreline are mirrored in the interiors, characterized by soothing leather and bleached wood tones reminiscent of the sand and driftwood along the water’s edge.

Embarking on a journey to the Sierra Nevada mountains near Lake Tahoe, perched on the California-Nevada border, one beholds the warm red, yellow, and rich orange hues painting the early evening skies. These tones inspired the creation of warm black and saddle-brown leather interiors with striking contrast stitching for the Tahoe theme. The fumed oak trims pay homage to the ancient oak trees of California, exuding contemporary elegance while cruising in luxury.

Lucid Motors’ technological ingenuity is reshaping mobility standards, enhancing safety protocols, and laying the groundwork for a zero-emission future. The car company prioritizes sustainability and efficiency, striving to create one of the fastest-charging, longest-ranged, and most efficient EV fleets on the roads by optimizing battery utilization and grid electricity consumption.

While the Lucid Air Pure boasts an estimated range of 410 miles, the newly launched Lucid Gravity SUV offers an estimated range of 440 miles, enabling hassle-free drives from Santa Monica to Santa Cruz or The Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay devoid of range anxiety.

Lucid actively engages in the United Nations’ largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative, the United Nations Global Compact. Operating in alignment with the organization’s Ten Principles encompassing human rights, labor standards, environmental practices, and anti-corruption measures, Lucid conducts its operations responsibly, urging businesses, governments, civil societies, and individuals to collectively strive for a better world.

Pioneering the EV Experience, Lucid offers the 2024 Lucid Air starting from $69,900. The package includes a $1000 charging credit and two years of complimentary Lucid Care scheduled maintenance with every purchase or lease.

Lease a Lucid Air for $647 per month for 18 months, inclusive of a $7,500 EV credit. For detailed information, visit Lucid Motors.

Image Source: Around the World Photos / Shutterstock

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