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Top Wellness Getaways In Europe

Nowadays, the realm of wellness travel goes beyond merely booking a relaxing spa treatment. It encompasses unique experiences available at comprehensive wellness centers. These places blend Eastern and Western medicinal practices, offering diverse approaches and advanced therapies to nurture the mind, body, and soul. To elevate your next European wellness escapade, we have compiled a list of 13 lavish wellness retreats across Europe.

At SHA Wellness Clinic, they merge eight holistic disciplines through the SHA method. This approach combines cutting-edge scientific medicine with highly effective natural therapies. Situated in the southeast of Spain, just a short 45-minute drive from Alicante or an hour from Valencia, the clinic boasts a team of over 300 professionals, including leading experts in various fields such as nutrition, preventive medicine, anti-aging, genetics, holistic medicine, regenerative medicine, revitalizing medicine, and more. Nestled amidst natural mountains and parks near the Mediterranean Sea, SHA Wellness Clinic addresses significant health concerns with a lasting and educational strategy for long-term transformation. Through their five health programs – Advanced Detox, Optimal Weight, Intensive, Rebalance, and Healthy Aging – guests can achieve their full physical, mental, and spiritual potential, fostering an optimal state of health.

In Herceg Novi, Montenegro, discover the luxurious One&Only Portonovi, the first One&Only resort in Europe. Here, guests can experience the exclusive Chenot Espace, a transformative detox and body reset journey based on the renowned Chenot Method. Positioned at the entrance of Boka Bay, a serene fjord-like paradise on Montenegro’s Adriatic Coast, this haven offers tailored programs and pioneering treatments aimed at enhancing vitality and overall health. After personalized consultation and advanced medical tests called Chenot Lifestyle Biomarkers, guests embark on individualized treatment plans spanning six different categories: medical, human performance, medical aesthetic, aesthetic, hydrotherapy, and sport & fitness. Whether opting for a four-day De-stress and Re-charge program or a six-day Advanced and Fundamental Detox, guests can indulge in nutritional consultations, personalized fitness routines, specialized spa treatments, stress-relieving activities, and more.

Italy’s iconic hotel, Palazzo Fiuggi Wellness Medical Retreat, recently transformed itself and opened its doors in May 2021. Nestled on an ancient hilltop in a private eight-hectare park, just a short 50-minute drive from Rome, the retreat introduces guests to the Palazzo Fiuggi Method. Boasting world-class spa and medical facilities, the 65,000 sq. ft. retreat offers personalized medical services, wellness treatments, and holistic therapies under four core pillars: Longevity, Detox & Weight, Restore & Balance, and Medical & Diagnostic. The retreat houses cutting-edge technologies, a hydrotherapy circuit, a state-of-the-art gym, and other top-notch amenities designed to promote better human health, well-being, and longevity. Guests can enjoy a comprehensive range of services including spa treatments, medical care, movement lab activities, Roman thermae experiences, customized nutrition plans by a three-star Michelin chef, Heinz Beck, and beauty services.

Nestled between Switzerland and Austria in Northern Italy lies Preidlhof, an idyllic health and wellness retreat destination. Inspired by advanced neuroscience research that focuses on harmonizing hedonic wellness and eudaemonic well-being, the resort recently revamped its entire infrastructure and wellness programs, introducing ‘The Preidlhof Way.’ Offering nine transformative wellness retreats, the resort aims to rejuvenate guests physically and emotionally, instilling energy and self-confidence. Spearheaded by wellness visionary Patrizia Bortolin and a team of skilled scientific and wellness professionals, these focused retreats cater to aspects such as sleep, menopause, weight loss, emotional trauma, and more. The resort’s deluxe spa, MedSpa, and iconic six-floor Sauna Tower with seven unique sauna experiences offer additional experiences like olive oil massages, forest bathing, sunrise mountain hikes, and inspiring morning coffees overlooking the Italian dolomites.

Nestled in Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing stands as one of Europe’s foremost spas, offering innovative wellness programs. With a personalized, confidential, and exclusive approach to wellness, the villa’s programs cater to both mental and physical well-being across four key areas: beauty, detox and nutrition, emotional harmony, and medical care. Guests enter a holistic wellness journey with a comprehensive entrance interview and a body analysis conducted by the Detox Specialist. Following this, an expert nutritionist crafts a personalized menu plan while granting access to Brenners Medical Care and a unique physiotherapy concept at the Physio Practice. Guests can revel in rejuvenating treatments, preventive care, and luxury services set against stunning landscapes, including deacidifying alkaline baths, detox body envelopment therapies, and more. Presently, Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing presents two immune-focused programs: the four-day Immune Boost program focusing on enhancing the immune system and the eight-day Immune Care program emphasizing long-term immune care through education on food supplements, stress reduction techniques, and lifestyle adjustments.

Located in Austria, the five-star luxury Stanglwirt Resort – Wellnesshotel & Biohotel blends a rich 400-year history with state-of-the-art wellness facilities. Sprawled across 30 acres with a breathtaking view of Wilder Kaiser Mountain, this resort encompasses 171 guest rooms and suites and a massive 130,000 sq. ft. wellness paradise embedded in rock. The resort’s amenities range from an expansive sauna complex to Europe’s largest hotel saltwater pool, an indoor Fitness Garden, 14 exclusive tennis courts, and a renowned riding school. The property also hosts a fully functional organic farm that produces a plethora of local produce including milk, curd cheese, butter, yogurt, cheese, and bread. Inclusive services at the resort feature daily infusion ceremonies, heart-rate guided training using cutting-edge Polar training computers, guided hikes, engaging outdoor sports activities, and more. With around 28 room categories available, prices start at €290 per person per night.

Only a 40-minute drive from Malaga airport in Marbella, Andalucia, Spain, lies Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat, offering thoughtfully curated retreat programs spanning three to 14 days. Guests can select from various retreat options such as a detox program or a body and soul reboost experience.Indulge in a hideaway, slimming hideaway, Pilates sanctuary, well-being sanctuary, chill-out sanctuary or unique yoga sanctuary. The seasoned crew is delighted to craft a personalized schedule based on the visitor’s needs. Each sanctuary strives to motivate and lead their visitors towards the journey of attaining ‘Shanti’, which symbolizes inner serenity in Buddhist faith. Every sanctuary emphasizes wellness and joy through an organic method and real encounters centered on traditional Balinese Beliefs. These sanctuaries are structured to offer you adaptability and the greatest chance to relish and study at your own rhythm and at your own convenience, from individual training, contemplation, life counseling, dietary guidance or accompanied hikes in the Sierra de las Nieves National Reserve. Constructed with just 15 lodging rooms so visitors won’t feel self-aware or daunted in any form during their visit, prices fluctuate depending on the duration of the stay and sanctuary picked.

Intended to cleanse and rejuvenate the body and intellect, Chenot Palace Weggis provides week-long programs to boost human potential and efficacy. The company’s chief estate situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland alias the Chenot Method® hub showcases a 54,000 sq. ft. medical spa establishment inclusive of cutting-edge diagnostics and state-of-the-art medical screening tests. Regardless if you decide on the Advanced Detox, Recover & Energize or Prevention & Aging Well Regimen, all commence with diagnostic tests to construct markers for their therapists to form a bespoke agenda according to each guest’s desired results. Among studying how to blend the correct lifestyle preferences into your daily routine, supplemental wellness undertakings amid treatments and services consist of: culinary workshops, hiking paths across the picturesque Swiss Alps, a secluded seashore, freshwater lake swimming and access to a vessel on Lake Lucerne and much more. Not too long ago, they initiated the Molecular Laboratory, a diagnostic test and result-oriented agenda that combats premature aging through pioneering mRNA-based testing and scrutiny.

Lanserhof Tegernsee is one of the most cutting-edge health spas in Europe extending guests the ideal setting for peace and rejuvenation approximately an hour to the south of Munich. Established on conclusions from naturopathy, vigor medicine, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, chronomedicine and contemporary avant-garde medicine, visitors will encounter the Lanserhof Concept on a tailored basis. Upon arrival, every guest determines their focal point (their digestive system, slumber, shape, etc.) and consults with their physicians to devise a personalized plan for the duration of their visit. In addition to an accessible doctor, every visitor is granted a regular array of therapies comprising: one urinary analysis, one bioimpedance analysis, one reflexology massage, one detox drainage and much more. Aside from accommodations, prices for a seven-to-eight-night stay kick-off at €2,918 and crawl up to €5,084 for a 12–16-night stay. They equally offer the two-week Lanserhof Cure Advanced regimen (exempting accommodations €6,476) which integrates other treatments such as one heart rate variance measurement analysis, one telomere length measure and more. Visitors are able to append to each retreat with other therapies sectioned into: Holistic Medicine & Naturopathy, Physique & Psyche Health, Infusion Therapies, Interval Hypoxic- Hyperoxic Therapy (IHHT) and much, much more.

Concealed in the core of France’s sunlit Luberon Valley merely 45 minutes from Avignon, Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa provides wellness programs devised for an optimum state of physical and psychological wellness. Come for three, four, five days or more and savor Intensive Programs, which can be split into Healthy & Active or Beauty & Relaxing. The Health & Active regime encompasses three hours of physical pursuits, three hours of wellness treatments and a variety of other activities like a nature trek around the property’s undulating hills, tennis lessons and a accompanied cycling journey through Provence’s postcard-perfect paths. The Beauty & Relaxing regime comprises unique treatments such as a silhouette body shaping detox massage, Végétalement Provence hydration facial employing plant-based active components, and affusion scrub utilizing grapes nurtured at the enveloping Aureto vineyards and lavender from the hotel’s gardens. Despite the regimen you pick, visitors can relish 21,500 sq. ft. of peace, relaxation and comprehensive wellness at Coquillade and can pick from exceptional classes such as Aquafit sessions and Qi Gong, a traditional Chinese medication rite encompassing reflection, synchronized unhurried motion, profound rhythmic inhalation. Overlooking rolling hills and Mont Ventoux, the 100-acre manor comprises 63 commodious rooms and suites dispersed amid an assortment of bastides (countryside dwellings). The wellness programs commence at €650 per person, per day.

Commencing The Ranch’s premier enduring global regimen, The Ranch Italy unites The Ranch Malibu’s emblematic regimen with the services and know-how of the esteemed crew at Palazzo Fiuggi. Launching with a different path each day, guests trek the Apennine Mountains in the morning and prolong their voyage with a midday siesta, afternoon resistance and core exercise sessions, yoga and an everyday massage. A nutrient-dense, plant-based menu with an Italian finesse, concocted by Palazzo Fiuggi’s 3-star Michelin Cook Heinz Beck and is prepared by his Palazzo Fiuggi culinary squad in agreement with The Ranch’s Executive Chef is meticulously chosen for guests to renew and replenish. During their break, visitors have admittance to the state-of-the-art 4,300 square-foot fitness center and Fiuggi’s top-grade spa, which incorporates a spring connected directly to the ‘miraculous’ fountain of Fiuggi waters. Alongside pioneering treatments, visitors can undergo diagnostic and hematological tests along with a meeting with one of Palazzo Fiuggi’s top-grade physicians to provide a totally transformational encounter to offer clarity on their health. The Ranch Italy 4.0 has a base rate of $4,950 per person whereas The Ranch Italy 8.0 has a base rate of $9,100 USD per person for double occupancy. Just 50 minutes from Rome, The Ranch Italy at Palazzo Fiuggi is provided from April – December, while the four-day regimen is proffered 52 weeks/year as a Thursday-Monday choice.

Move away from your routine life and uncover the Euphoria Retreat in the Heart of the Greek Peloponnese, just a two-and-a-half-hour ride from Athens. The precinct of recovery intertwines exquisite historic comprehensive healing approaches from ancient Greece and Chinese medication with a few of the most recent scientific advancements to present guests with instruments to live a more comprehensive, balanced and spiritually gratifying lifestyle. Incorporating the essence and enigma of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mystras and a vivid scenery of Mediterranean peaks, Euphoria Retreat presents six distinct wellness sanctuaries: Odysseus Journey, Spartan Spirit of Adventure, Feel Alive Again, Emotional and Physical Transformation, Self-Awareness Through The Five Elements and the Ashtanga Wellness Retreat. Extending from two-to-seven-days, their retreats facilitate guests in refurbishing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual equilibrium while you can also append additional spa treatments to each schedule. Unleash your inherent spartan warrior with the three-or-five-day Spartan Adventure retreat with sessions in a traditional amphitheater or embark on a journey of emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation with the seven-day Emotional and Physical Transformation retreat where you get to experience the 5 Elements system as a theory for fathoming your life path.

Established by renowned psychoanalyst, intuitive mender, mentor and life educator, The Arrigo Programme combines varied therapeutic and clinical methodologies to match the necessities of each participant. Amid the tranquility and opulence of rural Somerset in the UK (or group retreats onboard in Spain and India), the program presents a profound mechanism of repose, healing and recuperation, where guests can select from individual sanctuaries or group sanctuaries. Their individual sanctuaries are proffered year-round in Somerset, an entirely unique provision for exceedingly profound and progressive work, all customized to the individual’s necessities. For those searching for the space to reconsider their existences, these immersive sojourns allow guests to be monitored and guided by their team of multi-disciplinary specialist therapists throughout their visit. The fees incorporate all clinical inspections, therapies and treatments, freshly ready meals personalized to your nutritional prerequisites, daily housekeeping and your specific accommodations. They are set to present a group sanctuary entitled Women’s Wisdom, The Path of the Heart; Reclaim, Restore Recalibrate from June 4-10 and another Women’s Wisdom sanctuary in Gaucin, Spain from September 26-October 6.

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