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Travel Specialists To Supervise Global Network And Qatar Airways At FIFA 2022

Over the last 15 years, Overseas Network has stood out as a prominent Miami-based international destination management firm and high-end travel operator, crafting distinctive travel experiences for travel consultants and travel organizers globally. Felix Brambilla serves as the founder and principal partner.

He is also a globetrotter, possessing firsthand insights into the preferences of modern luxury travelers.

He has steered his company towards the beat of cultural diversity, elevating the client travel journey beyond mundane arrivals and departures. Preferring to enable his travelers to delve into travel essences – moving beyond the superficial aspects of a destination, to those encompassing luxury fused with culture, value, and heritage.

“To illustrate,” he recently mentioned, “If you charter a flight to Prague, visit the National Théâtre and the State Opera, yet miss out on strolling across the Charles Bridge at sunrise, indulging in a beer spa, and savoring Prague chocolate, I would argue that you might miss the essence and stories of Prague. This essence is what our company delivers, enabling our clientele to absorb cultural connections by immersing them in the subtle, multi-dimensional value of the country, not just the overt tourist attractions.”

These words hint that Mr. Brambilla’s vocation is more of a calling than a standard nine-to-five job. The amalgamation of purpose and fervor guided him and his company towards a new, enticing venture, one seamlessly aligning with Overseas Network.

This venture pertains to Overseas Network being designated as the official travel ally for Qatar Airways, the appointed Airline Partner of FIFA, striving to curate off-site cultural endeavors as part of the Official Fan Travel Packages for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

Presently, Qatar Airways has expanded its routes to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. As part of Qatar Airways’ mission to foster unity through sports, their global sports partnership ensemble encompasses soccer governing bodies like FIFA, CONCACAF, and CONMEBOL.

Thanks to this exclusive alliance with Qatar Airways, Overseas Network has established a base in Qatar, along with additional subsidiaries, to enrich and develop distinctive local, authentic cultural attractions around the stadium venues for sports enthusiasts attending the FIFA World Cup. It is anticipated that the FIFA event will attract 1.3 million visitors from over 14 nations to the region in November 2022. This tournament will unfold across eight world-class stadiums that pay homage to Arabian culture.

Two noteworthy stadium designs include Al Janoub Stadium, unveiled in May 2019. Crafted by Zaha Hadid, the 40,000-seater arena draws inspiration from the Dhow boats that grace Qatar’s waters.

Another example is Al Thumama Stadium, a purpose-built venue for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Designed by Ibrahim M. Jaidah, a renowned Qatari architect, the stadium’s inspiration stems from the gahfiya, a traditional woven cap worn by men in various Arab countries. In alignment with both Qatar Airways and Overseas Network’s wider vision towards legacy, the 40,000-seater stadium will witness its capacity halved post-FIFA World Cup 2022, with seats being donated to countries in need of sporting infrastructure.

A dedicated customer support unit, furnished by Overseas Network, will cater specifically to fans procuring packages from the U.S, assisting with any requisites or queries.

The turning point, per Mr. Brambilla, is for Overseas Network, alongside Qatar Airways, to present the FIFA World Cup as a fresh, innovative avenue leading towards a supportive cross-cultural awareness facilitated through a premium array of cultural engagements. Overseas Network offers their patrons the chance to partake in

  • luxurious pearl fishing aboard traditional Dhow Boats during sunset cruises.
  • Bedouin Desert Camp adventures in the Southern Dunes
  • guided expeditions to Education City by local experts, an entertainment hub in the northern precinct
  • custom-built desert football matches
  • exclusive meetings for fans with professional players

Regarding the latter, MLS Iron Man Luis Robles, the recently retired soccer star and the inaugural nominee for the New York Red Bulls Legends Row, now stands as the athletic brand ambassador for Overseas Network and its FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 initiative.

As one of the first U.S. based travel entities to establish a foothold in Qatar, Mr. Brambilla and Overseas Network, act as the local cultural concierge and trip planner for international visitors. Each passing day, he develops a deeper understanding of the essence and culture of Qatar, rooted in Bedouin heritage, coupled with its contemporary allure for global wanderers.

He reflects, “One primary rationale for Overseas Network’s enthusiasm in collaborating with Qatar Airways is our shared vision, notably concerning FIFA, as a dynamic conduit and an ethical, cultural connection that can bridge the gap between east and west.

When I ponder upon the line from the Kipling poem, The Ballad Of East And West, stating, ‘East Is East and West Is West and Never the Twain Shall Meet,’ Well, the twain has intersected, and we are integral to this exuberant shift. In its place will thrive, through Overseas Network, FIFA, and Qatar Airways, an augmented potential for enlightenment, comprehension, and enhancement. This represents just the initial stride. There are myriad more to follow.”

The Education City Mosque — the community-centric mosque in Qatar and the surrounding region. Situated in the Minaretein building, upheld by five substantial columns symbolizing the five pillars of Islam, each etched with verses from the Holy Koran.

Felix Brambilla stands as the founder and principal partner

Image Source: rarrarorro / Shutterstock

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