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Villa KD45 Emerges Gracefully From the Landscape With Its Verdant Roof

Villa KD45 was meticulously crafted by Studio Symbiosis in Delhi, boasting a roof adorned with lush vegetation to fulfill the client’s desire for abundant greenery and park vistas.

Catering to a large family, the residence’s ground level accommodates the client’s brother with his spouse and grandparents, while the client, his spouse, and their child reside on the upper level.

The sturdy structure encompasses a bar, a cinematic home theater, and a fitness area in the basement, all seamlessly linked to an exterior staircase and a patio to welcome in natural light.

The villa is embraced by neighboring villas on three sides, offering scenic views of the nearby park on the fourth side. The premises also preserve three majestic existing trees while also incorporating a spacious garden as requested by the client.

Villa KD45 strives to cultivate eco-friendly urban living and rekindle a harmonious bond between the inhabitants and the natural environment surrounding them. The steps brim with concrete planters that connect with the grassy rooftop terrace.

The strategic placement of the house at the northeast corner was influenced by the towering trees bordering the plot. Its architectural silhouette gracefully integrates with the land, seamlessly connecting the ground level to the rooftop and establishing an outdoor central passage for the villa.

Furthermore, Villa KD45 beckons visitors from the entrance located at the southern boundary. Expanding towards the north, it unveils west-facing windows that offer scenic views of the garden. A walkway seamlessly merging into the ramp-like rooftop guides from the entrance to a shaded outdoor area.

This outdoor terrace also functions as a balcony and serves as a direct entryway to the upper-level apartment. Noteworthy elements encompass a lofty kitchen area and a floating staircase that elegantly climbs from the living area to the first floor.

Image Source: Men’s Gear

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